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Top 10 Fireplace TV Stands For Tvs Over 60″

Top 10 Fireplace TV Stands For Tvs Over 60″ Store Online

Create warm ambience with fireplace media stands
Almost nothing makes a room cozier or more inviting than the warm glow of a fireplace. However, it’s not always feasible to add a wood-burning or gas fireplace to your home, whether you’re renting or simply aren’t interested in the disruption that a remodeling project of this scale can create. Fortunately, electric fireplaces present an ideal solution. And, when you combine one with a beautiful media center, you can create a centralized spot in any room that keeps you organized and comfortable. We’ll help you get that golden glow when you shop for fireplace media stands, all available at Every Day Low Prices.

What are they?
Fireplace media stands resemble traditional media center consoles. They often feature drawers, shelves and cabinets where you can store just about anything, from DVDs to gaming systems to books. However, instead of only featuring storage space, these pieces of furniture incorporate electric fireplaces, too. The shelves and drawers typically surround the fireplace box insert, serving as the trim and header of the fireplace. Instead of having a mantel section, the tops of these cabinets are designed to hold your flatscreen TV. They’re an easy, all-in-one media center with the added benefit of an electric fireplace that you can operate with the flip of a switch.

How does an electric fireplace work?
Electric fireplaces look like traditional fireplaces, but with fewer maintenance requirements and plenty of design styles to choose from. Like other electric appliances, they plug into any outlet in your home to operate. Often, they mimic the look of a gas fireplace with glass fronts, stacks of faux logs and glowing embers. Unlike a traditional fireplace, however, an electric version doesn’t involve any combustion — or any real flames at all. Instead, blinking lights below the faux logs flicker to create the look and movement of dancing flames. An internal heater generates warmth and spreads it throughout the room with a blower fan, increasing the realistic look and feel of the fireplace.

It’s worth mentioning that electric fireplaces are an especially safe option in homes with curious kids and pets. These appliances stay cool to the touch because no real fire is involved. And, because they don’t require vents or chimneys, you won’t have to deal with the hazardous buildup that can ignite when you don’t regularly keep these features clean. Look for models with tempered glass fronts for extra durability.

Shopping by size
Choosing your fireplace media stand is a relatively similar process to selecting any other piece of furniture. You’ll need to do some measuring and carefully think about the type of storage you require. Consider the following to start narrowing down your options.

Location, location, location: Before you think about anything else, determine where you plan to install the media cabinet. Will it go in a living room, bedroom or office? Figuring out which spot you’ll put it in can help you determine how much warmth the heater needs to emit to keep the entire space warm. Also, ensure there’s an outlet nearby; most electric fireplace cords aren’t very long, so you’ll either need to purchase a heavy-duty extension or install the furniture in a spot where it’s easy to plug in.
Measuring: Once you know where you plan to set up your media cabinet, measure the available space in the area. This provides a guideline for the maximum size of the furniture. You’ll likely place the unit directly on the floor, but if you plan to install it in a recessed area in the wall, for example, you’ll want to ensure the furniture’s footprint isn’t larger than the space where you’ll set it up. Size is also an important consideration when it comes to creating a balanced feel with the decor. Choose something that’s proportionate to the space and square footage of the room. A smaller fireplace may not be able to heat several hundred square feet of space, and it might also look too petite. Select a larger fireplace cabinet if you’re planning for it to be the focal point of the space, such as in a family or living room. Also, keep your TV’s size in mind. You’ll want the cabinet to be several inches longer than the TV in all directions so the piece doesn’t look top-heavy.
Weight: Fireplace cabinets are sturdy pieces of furniture that are designed to hold heavy TVs, books and sound systems. However, it’s important to take note of any weight limits that your desired cabinet may have. Most have an upper limit of around 250 pounds, and you won’t want to overload the top of the cabinet. This is to prevent heavy items from damaging the fireplace insert and its wiring.
Storage solutions
Once you know the size of the cabinet that can fit in your space, think about what you need in terms of storage. Do you have DVD players and cable boxes? Choose a cabinet that has small cubbies to house these items. If you plan to store your movie collection, it can be helpful to choose a cabinet with shelving to help you organize your titles. To keep books, electronics or display collectibles dust-free, select a cabinet that has glass or solid doors. It’s a good idea to make a list of everything you want the cabinet to hold. This way, you’ll see which storage options can best meet your needs.

Shopping by style
Here’s where things get really fun. Your fireplace media cabinet is meant to be both functional and beautiful, so your decor preferences can also play a role in your selection. Generally, these media cabinets are made with engineered wood surrounds that come in a variety of finishes, including rich cherry, bright white, espresso brown and deep black. Choose something with carved columns and embellishments for a traditional look, or select a design with windowpane glass doors to create cozy farmhouse ambience — the choice is yours.

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